The Country Store

At The Country Store, you will find all kinds of Wind & Willow products including delicious soup mixes, dip mixes, and drink mixes. We also have homemade jellies and butters! We should be your go-to place for apple butter and scrumptious jams that will make your whole family happy! Try our Granny Lou products featuring emu oils, arthritis rubs, oatmeal scrubs, hunter's soap, and more!

Stop By Today And Check Out All We Offer!

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Need Some Unique Gifts?

Try Granny Lou's Emu oil Arthritis Rub, Homemade Bug Repellent, and more!
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Emu Oil And More!

Try out Granny Lou's Emu Oil, Tom's Dirt Lye Soap For Deer Hunters, or some pet shampoo for fur babies!
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Country Store Products

We have a big variety of useful products like our Lye Soap which can be used to clear up pimples, dry up Poison Ivy, help wounds heal faster, and more!
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Come See Our New Stock!

You never know what we may have from this company so check frequently! We also offer homemade jellies and apple butters!
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Homemade Products

We have homemade strawberry jelly, homemade apple butter, Emu Oil Lotion Bar, and Granny Lou's Oatmeal Scrub!